Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OA Cafe: Lime Dill Potato Salad

OA Cafe:  Lime Dill Potato Salad

(for Marcelle)

Red Potatoes                     3-5 depending on size, chopped and boiled
Fresh dill                            2 TBSP or more, if you like
Vegenaise                          4 TBSP, or more…
(vegan mayo)
Green onions                     ½ cup, whites and greens chopped up
Limes                                  juice of 2, aprox. ½ cup
Salt and pepper

On a stove top: Boil potatoes until soft, but not falling apart. In a colander, run potatoes under cold water to stop cooking and cool. Throw in a large bowl.

Mix in green onions.

In a separate bowl, whisk together lime juice, vegenaise, salt and pepper. With all of these ingredients, start with less, add more to your taste. It should be a thick soup consistency. Pour mixture over potatoes and onions and stir well. Let it set in refrigerator for about an hour. Mix well again.

Not an exact science here, I have added Cholula and/or chili spices. And, more or less vegenaise. Try it. Ask questions if you need. :)

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