Tuesday, August 4, 2015

OA Cafe: Vegan dishes that your tummy will LOVE!

Spicy Kale Quinoa Salad:

Quinoa                 1c (3c cooked)
Dinosaur Kale      5 good sized leaves, small chopped
Red Pepper         1 chopped
Black Beans        1 can, drained
Avocado              1 chopped
Red Onion           ½ medium chopped
Garlic                   2 cloves chopped
Lime                     juice of one
Olive Oil               3Tbls
Cilantro                1/2c chopped
Salt                      1tsp (to taste)
Pepper                 1\8 tsp (to taste)
Chalulua               to taste, optional (I suggest lots)

Cook and cool quinoa.  Drain beans. Chop and mix all veggies, including beans and cilantro. Whisk together salt, pepper, olive oil and lime juice. Mix veggies and quinoa. Drizzle oil/lime mixture over all. Stir well. Cool. Splash a few drops of Chilulua on your serving.  Eat. Yum.

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